This duo wraps spiky post-punk guitar progressions overtop of loops smeared like childrens fingerpaint; with stomping drums and vibrant, elastic vocals, its like a pair of kids (albeit kids with deep voices) decided to combine the Beach Boys, Beat Happening and Sonic Youth.
— Fast Forward Weekly
Trees and nature come to mind for some reason, he is to have a resonant-like atmosphere with bands of Calgary and is also such a place. (I’m by myself).
— Forgotten Hall (a Japenese-language music blog, via Google Translate).

This distant and calculated pop music tries to pin ramshackle melodies onto layer upon layer of DIY-squall. Songs rarely break the 3-minute mark, let alone the 2-minute mark. Song-craft toes the line between meticulous and messy. The influences flip-flop between an infatuation with Haligonian pop/rock, Doc At The Radar Station-era Beefheart, and 66CFR's AM gold. An egalitarian ethos scoffs at the notion of a traditional frontman. A "flux capacitor-esque bass emulator" negates the need for a third body. With a tour through Eastern Canada and two self-released cassette EPs under their belts, as well as a full-length magnum opus 'Comfortless' coming this winter, this is a band looking to make up for lost time. Just don't expect them to make up for all that time at 4-minute intervals.

(Obligatory elevator pitch nonsense: The Cable-Knits have shared the stage with such notable acts as Mac Demarco, The Beets, Viet Cong, Nap Eyes, The Courtneys, Brazilian Money, and many more. Their song 'Bedsores' was featured in a coffee commercial.)

Knotty threads of guitar drive the duo’s junk-fi pop into a swift set of sugar rush head-boppers.
— Weird Canada
This local duo produces a mighty fine mess without hiding expertly crafted songwriting.
— Sled Island
These songs put a skip in ones step, a tap in ones toes, and a ringing in ones ears.
— Argue Job



Hunter-Gatherer was an art-pop band from Calgary AB (active 2007-2013). They tried real hard and played real sloppy.

They played alongside such acts as No Age, Holy Fuck, Women, Long Long Long, GZA, Chad Van Gaalen, Braids, Fucked Up, Mount Analogue, The Antlers, Endangered Ape, Fox Opera, Indian Jewelry, Stalwart Sons, Fist City, Quaker Parents, Monkey, Myelin Sheaths, Grim Beat and many more.