A total set-your-sails, late night lounge-and-feel-it session. They range from spacey and fragile flotation devices to thick, hefty anchors of drone. It’s a cacophony, but still in calm waters. I feel like I’ve been saying a lot about boats and boating. Shit, just remembered the one dude’s name is Waters. Get this.
— AdHoc
Guitarist Devin Friesen and local sax hero Nate Waters may have set the controls for the heart of the sun by teaming up to create their spontaneous compositions, but they’re navigating inner space by expert feel. Alternating between ambient drone and spiky textures, this is tightwire improv that demands a lot and delivers.
— Sled Island

Along with guitarist Devin Friesen, this duo presents a set of spontaneous compositions which belie their improvised roots—rather than free jazz aplomb, the pair operate with restraint, largely opting to carve integrative feedback drones from which either instrument can emerge. A spacious set of measured improvisation rich with intuitive feeling from both players, poised somewhere between ambient music, noise rock, and free jazz.

Musically the collection acquires unexpected dimension, as the two improvisers become accustomed to one another’s playing, with Friesen initially drawing out broad tones for Waters to skitter against and periodically strike out from in sharper exhalations of his saxophone. It’s easy to imagine how the sax could mechanically play against the open space of a drawn out guitar drone, but after the tape’s initial conscientiousness, the two advance into less measured sounds that feel truly symbiotic and unpredictable.
— Decoder Magazine


Between performing the Glazounov Concerto with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, exploring avant-garde composition live on air with CJSW's "That's Classical?", or busking along one of Calgary's thoroughfares, a wide range of less-familiar saxophone sounds supply Nate's sonic palette.



The eccentric solo project to end all eccentric solo projects, it's here where Nate Waters experiments with instrumentation, genre, found sound, recording techniques, and more static song structures. Broody, indulgent and lo-fi enough to make your weird friend from high school's solo project seem eloquent, mature and subtle.

Recorded in Calgary and Vancouver between 2009 and 2014.